The company is a fully registered with the Financial Services Authority of the Saint Vincent and the Grenadines under the International Business Companies Law Act, Chapter 149, with License Number 25186/IBC/2018.

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Portfolio Manager

JDC Wealth understands clients' investment needs and suggests a suitable investment mix to meet clients' investment objectives. This tailor-made investment plan is recommended keeping in mind the risk-return balance.

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Trusted Partner

At JDC Wealth, we respect your trust in our company and value the funds you have invested with us.

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Our Philosophy

JDC Wealth works for the client’s best interest and delivers comprehensive asset management solutions, through bespoke portfolio management and wealth planning services.

Our approach is a comprehensive and integrated wealth management plan with a corresponding unbiased custom strategy.

Gaining the client’s trust is the single most essential element to our ability to deliver the best possible results. As we work to continuously to satisfy clients’ needs we are also inspired by the level of trust we gained by our high-end clients. At our company, we work to provide long-term continuity and impact as well as meet and satisfy client’s changing needs and tackle unexpected events. Every client matters. Hence our methods are customized and authentic as to suit every client.

Why Us

Are you interested in investing in different investment avenues like stocks, metals, other commodities but do not have the appropriate knowledge and skill or do not have the time to set and track your portfolio?

JDC Wealth can help you build your future.

As a portfolio manager, JDC Wealth will invest on behalf of the investor’s desires and needs. We understands client’s financial needs and design a suitable investment plan as per the client’s income and risk-taking abilities.Our company will examine the investor’s financials goals and objectives therefore delivering the utmost sufficient and appropriate investment solution. We understand that our role is extremely important and comes with great responsibility however it is our mission to keep our clients happy and satisfied with our comprehensive investment plans.